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About Me

My Journey

I grew up in a upstate New York in a little town of 1,200 people.  Seriously rural.  Not one stop light and tractors everywhere.   I  was raised on a small farm and grew up with all the amenities that provided like riding horses, showing cattle in 4-H, swimming in ponds, bonfires, dirt bikes and 4-wheelers.   I also learned how to care for animals, grow produce and harvest the bounty that Mother Nature provides.  Picking wild berries, digging up roots like wild horseradish and cutting wild flowers  are just some examples.  

Fast forward to today where I live with my husband and 2 daughters in a big city of 165,000 people here in Northern Colorado.   I still love nature and animals my interactions are just at very different levels.

Having always use natural solutions as my first option when I found doTerra it was like magic.  Everything I already knew was amplified.  Their purity and potency took me to a whole new level.  I have had such amazing experiences that I just want to shout it from the roof tops.  So that is sort of what I do now.  I share these game changing options with anyone and everyone.  Because everyone deserves to feel better naturally.